Format: CD
Artist: Peter Baumann
CatNo: EREACD1034
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Peter Baumann Romance 76 cd
Unavailable on CD for over twenty years, this 2016 reissue of Peter Baumann's 1976 debut  is re-mastered and restores the original album artwork.
A superbly atmospheric analogue electronic/ambient hybrid - with echoes of Baumann's former group Tangerine Dream - including the three part 18 minute plus suite. Meadow Of Infinity.
Contains a booklet with essay.
1. Bicentennial Present (4.46)
2. Romance (6.02)
3. Phase By Phase (7.35)
4. Meadow Of Infinity, Part 1 (18.35 - including tracks 5 and 6)
5. The Glass Bridge 
6. Meadow Of Infinity, Part 2