Format: CD
Artist: The Last Poets
CatNo: SNAP255CD
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The Last Poets The Very Best Of The Poets CD
20 tracks from the pioneers of rap. Includes the sought-after 'Doriella Du Fontaine' featuring Jimi Hendrix.
1. When The Revolution Comes
2. Bird's World
3. Jones Comin' Down
4. Doriella Du Fontaine (Featuring Jimi Henrix)
5. Jazzoetry
6. White Man's Got A God Complex
7. Related To What
8. True Blues
9. E pluribus unum
10. Niggers Are Scared Of Revolution
11. Ho Chi Minh
12. New York, New York
13. O.D
14. This Madness Chant
15. Black Soldier
16. Two Little Boys
17. Black Is
18. Jeust Because
19. Oh, My people
20. Sport