Format: CD
Artist: Tony Harn
CatNo: THCD005
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cd tony harn loops
Loops is the culmination of a year long project in which Tony used looping techniques to create one new piece of music per month throughout 2007.  Initially the idea was conceived as a means of providing regular new music on myspace, but following tremendous response to the January track, it became clear that the idea deserved more serious commitment and the possibility of an album started to emerge. 
As with previous recordings, the emphasis is placed firmly on the composition and despite the experimental nature of using looping techniques, much of the music is highly accessible with melody, harmony and rhythm prevailing. A full compliment of instrumentation provides a rich textural landscape across twelve diverse and colourful pieces with subtle hints of Andy Summers, Robert Fripp, Pink Floyd, Pat Metheny, Mike Oldfield, Camel and Genesis to name but a few. A willingness to blend many styles to create something unique is very apparent throughout.
Initial copies include a bonus thirteenth track.
January Loop
February Loop
March Loop
April Loop
May Loop
June Loop
July Loop
August Loop
September Loop
October Loop
November Loop
December Loop
All noises by Tony Harn
Produced by Tony Harn
Original sleeve concept and photography by Gabriela Fulanty
Sleeve design by Jon Brooks

Recorded January to December 2007.