Format: CD
Artist: Tu-Ner
CatNo: 7D2303
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Tu-Ner T1_Contact_Information 2CD Markus_Reuter
From the kitchen of the original King Crimson R&D fraKctal units and Stick Men, the trio of Trey Gunn, Pat Mastelotto and Markus Reuter offer an engaging stew of prepared and improvised compostions.
Double CD set in a 6 panel eco-wallet.


CD One
1. Crowfin (14:45)
2. 31 (8:12)
3. Apple Turtle (8:11)
4. On the Other Side (5:31)
5. Contact Information (23:34)
CD Two
1. Poem for a Sad Horse (11:20)
2. Forcibly Taken into the Future (22:37)
3. Moses (9:44)
4. Poodles (9:07)