Format: CD
Artist: Unfolk
CatNo: DPL005/6
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Unfolk 2CD
Shifting from acoustic intimacy to metallic rage and from raga to dark electronics, Alessandro Monti's 2006 debut release as Unfolk combined unorthodox music for mandolin, with ethnic percussion, violin and a variety of guitars/electronic processes. 
This expanded edition is re-mastered by Jon Astley and features extra tracks, plus a bonus cd of live material by the Unfolk Collective. 
The exclusive live cd contains excerpts from both live performances of 'The Venetian Book Of The Dead' in Venice and Leicester, and includes special guest Kevin Hewick on vocals and guitar. 
Presented in a deluxe 6 panel digipak.
CD1 (the original 2006 album re-mastered by Jon Astley 2012):
1. Altrove
2. Il Sogno Di Devi
3. Regioni Di Pietra
4. Viaggiatori Perduti
5. Aerofolk
6. Almanacco Del Giorno Prima
7. Raga Del Fiume Elettrico
8. Da Una Stagione Lontana
9. Stereostudio N.1
10. Fricke Out (original mix)
11. Fine Dell'infanzia / Oscura Profezia
Extra tracks: 
12. Trasferible
13. Staines morris (trad.)
14. A Irma
15. Secular kosmisch folk
16. Sonata variabilis
CD2 Unfolk Collective & Kevin Hewick: Live Book recorded live in Venice and Leicester, 2011:
1. Opening souls in factories
2. Black tar lagoon
3. Someone is always screwing someone
4. The cover up
5. Forgive
6. Black tar lagoon (instrumental link)
7. Bedroom discotheque
8. A limited edition of one
9. Early grave
10. The radioactive man
11. Closing: dal libro