Format: CD
Artist: White Willow
CatNo: Termocd009
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White Willow Terminal Twilight CD
White Willow, one of Norway's most successful Progressive Rock bands of recent times, return after a five year absence with 'Terminal Twilight'.
Creating a distinctively mysterious Scandinavian sound that encompasses mellotron-drenched retro prog, gothic folk, art pop and post-rock, the band's ambitious compositions combine sophisticated structures and harmonies with powerful playing and uncluttered production.
Main songwriter Jacob Holm-Lupo is joined by fellow band members, Sylvia Skjellestad, Mattias Olsson (Anglagard), Lars Fredrik Froislie (Wobbler's vintage synth maestro), Ketil Einarsen (Jaga Jazzist) and Ellen Andrea Wang. No-Man's Tim Bowness guests on the poignant 'Kansas Regrets'.
Soaring Hackett-esque solos collide with demented Crimson-influenced riffs counterbalanced by compelling and ethereal song sections. 
1. Floor 67 (9.34)
2. Kansas Regrets (4.39)
3. Mountain (7.10)
4. Natasha (6.30)
5. Red Leaves 8.41)
6. Rumour Of Twilight (2.35)
7. Searise (13.14)
8. Snowswept (4.13)