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A Coat Of Many Colours
Artist: World Drummers Ensemble
Format: CD/DVD

Doudou N'Diaye Rose (Senegalese master of the sabar), Chad Wackerman, (Frank Zappa, Allan Holdswo..
An excellent beginner's guide to the more Rock- orientated side of drumming innovator, Bill Brufo..
No More Sad Refrains - The Anthology
Artist: Sandy Denny
Format: CD

A 34 track double cd which comprehensively chronicles Sandy's career from her early days in Fairp..
19 Rupert Street
Artist: Sandy Denny
Format: CD

Sandy Denny at her most spontaneous and unguarded, the album was recorded at 19 Rupert Street, Gl..
Gold Dust
Artist: Sandy Denny
Format: CD

'Gold Dust' is a recording of Sandy Denny's last ever concert at the Royalty Theatre on Sunday 27..
Ghost Stories
Artist: Neil Campbell
Format: CD

Neil Campbell's 'Ghost Stories' is an entrancing suite of music featuring Campbell's sensitive ne..
Unfolk (Re-mastered 2CD)
Artist: Unfolk
Format: CD

Shifting from acoustic intimacy to metallic rage and from raga to dark electronics, Alessandro Mo..
Artist: John Hackett
Format: CD

Comprising flute and acoustic guitar instrumentals, 'Moonspinner' is a continuation of the delica..
Artist: Paatos
Format: CD

Comprising four new pieces and four re-workings of old material, Paatos' fifth album is both a vo..
At The Pier
Artist: Nosound
Format: CD

'At The Pier', the new EP from Nosound, features three new tracks and hints at the promise of the..
Artist: Pendragon
Format: CD

The Madfish label edition of 1988's 'Kowtow'.   This re-mastered version of the albu..
Dreams Like Deserts
Artist: Aura Noir
Format: CD

Norway’s Aura Noir was formed in 1993 by Aggressor and Apollyon in pursuit of a more thrash-based..
A Map of All Our Failures
Artist: My Dying Bride
Format: CD

The 2012 MDB album distinctively combines sumptuous dual guitar melodies and juggernaut dark meta..
Artist: Peter Blegvad and Andy Partridge
Format: CD

'Gonwards' is the second release by Peter Blegvad and Andy Partridge.   Mixing spoke..
Genesis Revisited II
Artist: Steve Hackett
Format: CD

Steve Hackett's second homage to his time with Genesis features performances from a stellar line-..
It Do Me Good
Artist: Huey Piano Smith
Format: CD

One of the greatest of New Orleans many pianists, Huey 'Piano' Smith began his career with blues ..
Windy City Workout
Artist: Alvin Cash
Format: CD

'Windy City Workout' is the first ever legitimate CD release devoted entirely to Cash's recording..
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