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2 People in a Room
Artist: L'Orange
Format: cd

A personal universe of languorous, watery moods and cinematic ambiences where each song is an int..
Healing Senses
Artist: MASK
Format: cd

MASK is a new collaborative project featuring acclaimed Ambient cellist/violinist/producer, Marvi..
Hatwise Choice
Artist: Hatfield and the North
Format: cd

Formed in 1972 and named after a motorway road sign, Hatfield and the North were one of the best-..
Artist: Michael Peters
Format: cd-r

German Ambient composer/guitarist Michael Peters follows his acclaimed Burning Shed debut album S..
Marching Ants
Artist: Europa String Choir
Format: cd-r

Former DGM artists Europa String Choir make their Burning Shed debut with this collection of impr..
Artist: Marvin Ayres
Format: cd

Creatively straddling the disparate worlds of commercial and Classical music, Marvin Ayres has de..
Artist: Marvin Ayres
Format: cd

Originally released on Mille Plateaux's 'classical' imprint Ritornell to great critical acclaim i..
Earth To Ether
Artist: Theo Travis
Format: cd

Earth to Ether is British saxophonist/flautist/ composer Theo Travis's  sixth album for the ..
Never Trust The Way You Are
Artist: Centrozoon
Format: cd

Centrozoon's album with No-Man singer Tim Bowness was released on Berlin-based Resonancer Records..
The DAC Mixes
Artist: Darkroom
Format: cd-r

A collection of unreleased Darkroom explorations recorded at the Digital/Analogue Cambridge F..
Hotel Soundtrack
Artist: Mike Figgis
Format: cd

Acclaimed director and gifted trumpeter/composer Mike Figgis made his Burning Shed label debut wi..
Bootlace Johnnie and the Ninety-Nines
Artist: Terry Stamp
Format: cd

Click here for soundbites from all tracks.   Intense, poetic, earthy and emotive, th..
Artist: A Marble Calm
Format: cd

A loose collective centred around the nucleus of Peter Chilvers and reclusive marimba/vibraphone ..
Thin Air
Artist: Michael Bearpark / Peter Chilvers
Format: cd-r

Recorded direct to DAT in a single hour-long session on 4th January 1996, Thin Air is a graceful ..
Artist: Darkroom
Format: cd-r

Originally released in 1999, Seethrough is the most dynamic, twisted and song-orientated release ..
Live Archive Volume Two
Artist: Tim Bowness / Samuel Smiles
Format: cd-r

Live Archive Volume Two comprises The Way We Used To Live plus six extra tracks.   A..
Everything Is Hear
Artist: Ex-Wise Heads
Format: cd-r

Recorded live in 1998 onto an ageing 4 track cassette machine and subsequently digitally mixed an..
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