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Artist: Tony Harn
Format: CD

Loops is the culmination of a year long project in which Tony used looping techniques to create o..
Double Talk
Artist: Theo Travis
Format: CD

'Double Talk' is the eighth solo release by renowned British saxophonist, flautist, composer and ..
The Metronomical Society
Artist: Egg
Format: CD

Egg consisted of Dave Stewart (keyboards), Mont Campbell (bass/vocals) and Clive Brooks (drums). ..
Failure of the Grand Design
Artist: The Resonance Association
Format: CD

'Failure Of The Grand Design' is The Resonance Association's debut album for Burning Shed.  ..
Blue Dawn
Artist: Andrew Keeling
Format: CD-R

'Blue Dawn' is the collection by acclaimed British composer, Andrew Keeling.    ..
Sampler Three
Artist: Burning Shed
Format: CD-R

Burning Shed's third label sampler was issued in 2007 in a colour printed card wallet. We have no..
Liquid Assets
Artist: Ex-Wise Heads
Format: CD

A subtle blend of timeless and contemporary sounds, Liquid Assets is a focused development of the..
Artist: Hoffman-Hoock and Woestheinrich
Format: CD

DiN has always fostered an environment where unusual musical alliances can flourish. Such encount..
The Heritage
Artist: Martin Grech
Format: CD

Critically lauded Maltese/English singer-songwriter Martin Grech returns with 'The Heritage', the..
Howling for the Highway Home
Artist: Terry Stamp
Format: CD

Terry Stamp followed his acclaimed Burning Shed debut 'Bootlace Johnnie and the Ninety-Nines' (Un..
Artist: Hatfield and the North
Format: CD

A welcome 2022 re-press of Hattitude (2006), the second volume in the Hatfield and the North arch..
No Time For Silence
Artist: Secret Voices
Format: CD

Conceived by producers, Tim Motzer (Nine Horses/Ursula Rucker) and Enrico Marani, Secret Voices c..
Elemental Forces
Artist: Cipher
Format: CD

Cipher's third album Elemental Forces from 2006 found the core duo of Theo Travis and Dave Sturt ..
Holding Up The Sky
Artist: Ex-Wise Heads
Format: CD

Ex-Wise Heads third album heralds a significant change in both personnel and musical direction. M..
Revealed in Black and White
Artist: Tony Harn
Format: CD-R

Revealed In Black And White is the fourth solo album from Tony Harn and contains seven tracks inc..
Artist: Peter Chilvers
Format: CD

Echoing the powerful and ambitious 1970s solo piano suites by the likes of Keith Jarrett and Chic..
The Fourth Night
Artist: Bernhard Wagner
Format: CD

Rich, meditative and cohesive, The Fourth Night is a highly accomplished debut release which prov..
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