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Bootlace Johnnie and the Ninety-Nines
Artist: Terry Stamp
Format: CD

Click here for soundbites from all tracks.   Intense, poetic, earthy and emotive, th..
Artist: A Marble Calm
Format: CD

A loose collective centred around the nucleus of Peter Chilvers and reclusive marimba/vibraphone ..
Thin Air
Artist: Michael Bearpark / Peter Chilvers
Format: CD-R

Recorded direct to DAT in a single hour-long session on 4th January 1996, Thin Air is a graceful ..
Artist: Darkroom
Format: CD-R

Originally released in 1999, Seethrough is the most dynamic, twisted and song-orientated release ..
Live Archive Volume Two
Artist: Tim Bowness / Samuel Smiles
Format: CD-R

Live Archive Volume Two comprises The Way We Used To Live plus six extra tracks.   A..
Everything Is Hear
Artist: Ex-Wise Heads
Format: CD-R

Recorded live in 1998 onto an ageing 4 track cassette machine and subsequently digitally mixed an..
William D Drake
Artist: William D Drake
Format: CD-R

Cardiacs member Drake, assisted by Tim Smith, Terry Pitt and Jo Spratley, makes a winning case fo..
Housewives Hooked On Heroin
Artist: No-Man
Format: CD

The taster single from 'Wild Opera'.   A hypnotically bleak study of disillusion and..
Slow Life
Artist: Theo Travis
Format: CD

Occupying a territory between the Minimalist excursions of Steve Reich and the loop innovations o..
Heart Of The Sun
Artist: Theo Travis
Format: CD

The album includes seven Travis originals which feature his strong melodies, varied compositional..
Artist: Hugh Hopper
Format: CD-R

In 2003, ex-Soft Machine 'fuzz-bass' innovator Hugh Hopper gifted Burning Shed one of the albums ..
One Who Whispers
Artist: Cipher
Format: CD

Cipher's One Who Whispers, is the follow up to their acclaimed 1999 debut No Ordinary Man (Hi Art..
Sampler Two
Artist: Burning Shed
Format: CD-R

This second budget compilation contains tracks from all of recent releases available on the Burni..
Stretched Landscape #1
Artist: Michael Peters
Format: CD-R

A continuous suite of processed piano and textures, German composer Michael Peters (primarily, a ..
Burning Shed Session
Artist: Paul Goodwin
Format: CD-R

Goodwin's burnished blend of downbeat domestic poetry and cracked, acoustic beauty, calls to mind..
Plug 8 Thrust Coil
Artist: Quoit
Format: CD-R

The legendary Mick Harris (Lull/Napalm Death/Bill Laswell) makes his Burning Shed debut with a ty..
Fallout 3
Artist: Darkroom
Format: CD-R

Fallout 3 is a celebration of the art of post-production, subjecting unreleased Darkroom live mat..
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