Format: Vinyl
Artist: Gazpacho
CatNo: KSCOPE891_del
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Gazpacho Bravo vinyl
A 2016 Kscope label double 180g vinyl edition of Gazpacho's debut studio release from 2003.
In 2002 Gazpacho entered a song contest on Make-A-Star with the song Sea Of Tranquility and won. Their second entry, Ghost made it to second position, giving the band the opportunity to release an album through This led the band to release their first official album Bravo in 2003 -  which contained five of the six tracks off the album plus six new compositions. 
Utilizing the possibilities of the internet, the band had teamed up with the American singer/songwriter fellow Make-A-Star contestee Esther Valentine and New Zealand producer Peter Kearns. Valentine sang a duet with Ohme on the song Novgorod (which she also co-wrote) and Kearns produced two of the tracks off Bravo. Bravo gained the band more international acclaim, with Dutch music magazine Oor stating 'Gazpacho's debut album is a thing of rare beauty'.
Presented in lavish gatefold artwork, the fourth side of this reissue features an etching. 
1. Desert [5:30]
2. Sea Of Tranquility [5:05]
3. Nemo [3:56]
4. Ghost [5:27]
1. California [3:49]
2. The Secret [5:38]
3. Sun God [4:29]
4. Mesmer [5:44]
1. Novgorod [5:07]
2. Ease Your Mind [5:44]
3. Bravo [6:38]