Format: CD
Artist: Gazpacho
CatNo: KSCOPE420
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Gazpacho Firebird cd
A 2016 Kscope label cd edition of Gazpacho's third studio release from 2005 (originally releasedon Marillion's Racket Records imprint).
Gazpacho's third album Firebird saw the band stay faithful to its melancholy style. 
The ongoing support of Marillion also led to Steve Rothery playing a solo on the track Do You Know What You Are Saying? 
Other guest appearances on the album came in the form of fans who had been encouraged to send in sound samples which the band would use. Among the exotic instrumentation featured on the album are maracas, a comb and a Leopard II battle tank.
11 track cd in digipak edition.
1. Vulture [5:46]
2. Symbols [4:05]
3. Swallow [5:39]
4. Orion I [5:17]
5. Orion II [3:08]
6. Prisoner [4:16]
7. Jezebel [4:19]
8. Black Widow [4:30]
9. Firebird [5:22]
10. Do You Know What You Are Saying? [6:23]
11. Once In A Lifetime [5:22]