Format: Vinyl
Artist: Gazpacho
CatNo: KSCOPE983
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Gazpacho Soyuz vinyl
Soyuz is the 2018 studio release from Norwegian Art Rockers Gazpacho.

"Norwegian quintet Gazpacho truly put the ‘art' in art rock.” - Popmatters (USA)

A band who are used to seizing headlines with bizarre stories - including The Independent (UK)  branding Molok as "An album that could destroy the world” - Gazpacho has a holistic approach to the album writing process, imbuing each release with an engaging concept. 
The songs on Soyuz are a series of short interconnected stories about people frozen in time, with the tracks Soyuz One and Soyuz Out focusing on the first Russian Space capsule and its doomed captain, Komarov.

Known for its distinctive sound that balances tense and beautiful arrangements, sinister and soulful melodic lines, Soyuz furthers Gazpacho’s growing eputation. 
Recorded at Krypton Planet and St. Croix Fredrikstad in Norway, the artwork - designed by painter Antonio Seijas - is inspired by Russian Cold War colours and fonts from the Soyuz One flight era.

180g vinyl version with 4-page booklet and download code (which includes the bonus track Rappaccini).


Side A
1. Soyuz One [06:22]
2. Hypomania [03:44]
3. Exit Suite [03:40]
4. Emperor Bespoke [07:49]
Side B
1. Sky Burial [04:24]
2. Fleeting Things [04:24]
3. Soyuz Out [13:26]