Format: Vinyl
Artist: Gazpacho
CatNo: KSCOPE1025
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gazpacho tick tock vinyl 7inch
10th anniversary LP (plus 7” single) edition of Gazpacho's 2009 album Tick Tock, featuring the bonus track Independence Day.
In non-gatefold packaging.
'Album of the month' - Eclipsed
'They truly put the art in Art Rock.’ - Popmatters
Side A
1. Desert Flight [07:39]
2. The Walk (part I) [08:03]
3. The Walk (part II) [05:39]
Side B
1. Tick Tock (part I) [07:16]
2. Tick Tock (part II) [09:39]
3. Tick Tock (part III) [05:30]
Side A
1. Winter Is Never [04:55]
Side B
Bonus Tracks
1. Independence Day (outtake/demo) [04:22]