Format: CD
Artist: Gazpacho
CatNo: KSCOPE422
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Gazpacho When Earth Lets Go cd
A 2016 Kscope label cd edition of Gazpacho's second studio release from 2004.
For When Earth Lets Go, originally released in 2004, Gazpacho were joined by Drummer Robert Johansen and took the step from being a "studio band" to a "live band". The album is seen by many as a rougher edged album than Bravo (2003), a direction Gazpacho wanted to take without repeating themselves. Media and fan awareness for the band greatly increased; this was the year they toured 11 countries throughout Europe supporting Marillion.
CD in digipak with 8 page booklet.
1. Intro [0:46]
2. Snowman [4:26]
3. Put it On The Air [5:10]
4. Souvenir [3:37]
5. Steal Yourself [3:52]
6. 117 [6:23]
7. Beach House [5:07]
8. Substitute For Murder [6:10]
9. Dinglers Horses [4:19]
10. When Earth Lets Go [4:49]