Eidolon - The Allan Holdsworth Collection is a double CD collection of 28 songs hand-picked by Allan himself from his many solo albums beginning with his 1982 release I.O.U. 
Also included in this collection is a previously unreleased rare alternative version of Road Games with the legendary Jack Bruce on vocals.
Presented in a CD with a 20 page booklet, all songs have been digitally re-mastered from the original tapes. 
CD 1: 
Sixteen Men Of Tain
The Drums Were Yellow
How Deep Is The Ocean
Low Levels, High Stakes
Sphere Of Innocence
Dodgy Boat
Against The Clock
City Nights
54 Duncan Terrace
Road Games (Jack Bruce) 
CD 2: 
Peril Premonition
Distance Vs. Desire
Pud Wud
Non-Brewed Condiment
Metal Fatigue
Devil Take The Hindmost
Tokyo Dream
Water On The Brain - Part II
Letters Of Marque
Temporary Fault
The 4:15 Bradford Executive