Format: cd
Artist: Levin Minnemann Rudess
CatNo: 739523583218
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From The Law Offices Of Levin Minnemann Rudess cd
The supernaturally talented trio of Progressive Rock titans follow up their highly successful, self-titled debut album with 2016's brutal yet beautiful From The Law Offices Of.  
CD edition featuring three bonus tracks not available digitally.
1. Back to the Machine
2. Ready, Set, Sue
3. Riff Splat
4. What is the Meaning?
5. Marseille
6. Good Day Hearsay
7. Witness
8. Balloon
9. When the Gavel Falls
10. The Verdict
11. Free Radicals
12. Magistrate
13. Shiloh's Cat
14. The Tort
15. Testimony (Bonus Cut)
16. Habeas Porpoise (Bonus Cut)
17. The Tort (Ver. 2xb-74) (Bonus Cut)
Tony Levin - Basses & Chapman Stick
Marco Minnemann - Drums and Guitar
Jordan Rudess - Keyboards, GeoShred, Seaboard and Wizardly Sounds