Format: cd
Artist: Miroslav Vitous
CatNo: 3772956
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Miroslav Vitous Music Of Weather Report cd
The great Czech bassist returns once more to the music of Weather Report, the group he co-founded with Joe Zawinul and Wayne Shorter in 1970.
Well-known repertoire re-explored includes Birdland, Seventh Arrow, Scarlet Woman, Pinocchio and Morning Lake. Juggler's Issue, a piece which the first Weather Report line-up played but didn't record is also given a new interpretation.
Driven by the astonishing double drumming of Gerald Cleaver and Nasheet Waits, Miroslav's band make the material its own, while remaining faithful to the spirit of the fondly remembered Jazz innovators.
1) Scarlet Woman Variation 1 
2) Seventh Arrow 
3) Multi Dimension Blues 2 
4) Birdland Variations 
5) Multi Dimension Blues 1 
6) Pinocchio Variations 
7) Acrobat Issues 
8) Scarlet Women Variation 2 
9) Multi Dimension Blues 3 
10) Morning Lake
Miroslav Vitous (double bass, keyboards)
Gary Campbell (soprano and tenor saxophone)
Roberto Bonisolo (soprano and tenor saxophone)
Aydin Esen (keyboards)
Gerald Cleaver (drums)
Nasheet Waits (drums)