Format: Vinyl
Artist: Glitch Code
CatNo: PLG041
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Gifted_Damaged Glitch Code vinyl
Glitch Code is the collaborative project between songwriter/producer/sound designer Paul Kirkpatrick, and vocalist Rachel Harvey.  
Combining Rock and Electro influences, Gifted_Damaged offers atmospheric experimental Pop with a sense of grandeur propelled by Harvey's haunting and powerful vocals.
From the electro rock of Monochromatic and glitchy electronica of Blame, to the delicate haunting piano of Gifted_Damaged, each track is crafted around the conceptual theme of the album which revolves around the fine line between genius and madness.  
Featuring a core group of musicians, along with invited guests, the music delivers a unique sonic platform for Rachel’s often haunting, powerful vocals.   
With exclusive artwork by Laurence Stevens (Eurythmics, Muse), each version of the album will feature individual artwork.  
Side One:
1. Glimmer 3:47
2. The White Room 3:26
3. Little Pleasures 4:39
4. Bleed Out 4:42
5. Guide Me Home 3:28
Side Two:
1. Gifted_Damaged 4:27
2. Monochromatic 4:21
3. Mask 5:02
4. Blame 4:16
5. Intent 4:29