Format: CD
Artist: Henry Fool
CatNo: KSCOPE278
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CD Henry Fool Henry Fool

The Kscope edition of Henry Fool's long unavailable debut album from 2001.

Remastered by award-winning engineer Andy Jackson, this version comes with new artwork by I Monster's Jarrod Gosling and a booklet featuring sleeve notes by founder members Tim Bowness and Stephen Bennett.
A distinctive combination of 60's/70's Progressive influences (Gabriel-era Genesis/Pink Floyd/Soft Machine), Ambient experiments and hard-hitting group improvisations (King Crimson/Mogwai/Miles Davis), the album was released 12 years prior to its critically acclaimed successor Men Singing.
Alongside Bennett and Bowness, other contributions come from Brian Eno collaborator Peter Chilvers, No-Man live guitarist Michael Bearpark, Myke Clifford (sax/flute) and Pendragon/Steve Hackett drummer Fudge Smith.
Two tracks were mixed by Steven Wilson, Tim Bowness's partner in No-Man.
'A nice blend that takes inspiration from the rich symphonic source of the late 60s-early 70s with references to Genesis, Pink Floyd and Soft Machine and group improvisations a la King Crimson.' - IO Pages
'Consummate musicians all, the Fool can turn their hand to any genre they fancy.' - Record Collector
'The music stretches from Porcupine Tree like soft dreamy prog all the way to sharp edged King Crimson noise. Strongly recommended.' - The Missing Piece (US)
'Proves that the ideas fired by the wild-eyed enthusiasm of the 1960s can still be relevant in a contemporary framework' - Progress (US)
'Including the smooth enchanting voice of Tim Bowness, this makes for an interesting album for anyone into No-Man and Porcupine Tree. Highly recommended' - New Horizons
1. Friday Brown (1:04)
2. Bass Pig (3:00)
3. Poppy Q (2:43)
4. a) Midnight Days (2:21)
5. b) Blindman One (1:14)
6. c) Poppy Z (3:05)
7. d) Blindman Two (2:11)
8. e) Grounded (4:37)
9. The Laughter That Turned To Ice (3:46)
10. Jazz Monkey (2:59)
11. Judy On The Brink (3:12)
12. The David Warner Wish List (3:50)
13. Heartattack (3:46)
14. The Mellow Moods Of Malcolm Mcdowell (6:53)
15. Dreamer's Song (3:46)
16. Tuesday Weld (3:01)