Format: CD
Artist: MooV
CatNo: CRCD06
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Here MooV CD
As with its predecessor Fold, MooV's second album Here is a subtle and darkly atmospheric collection of pieces that exist in a hinterland between Avant Pop, Chamber Jazz and Classical, and Electronica.
'Here is absolutely unclassifiable. Consistently haunting and often beautiful.' - London Jazz Blog
'An album to lose yourself in time and time again, finding new rewards with each visit.' - Sea of Tranquility
'Nygard's voice meshes beautifully with Riley's spare orchestrations, wrought from keyboards, bass, electronics, cello and percussion.' - The Guardian
1. I Dream Beside You 
2. A Pier 
3. Trust 
4. Release 
5. Quiet Sounds 
6. Pirate Hats And Bears 
7. Rain In (For L.S.) 
8. Soft Room 
9. Cold Crave 
10. Spires 
11. While I Stole Your Affection 
12. Spoken Or Sung 
13. Vinter Na
Colin Riley - piano, electronics, production
Natalie Rozario - cello
Pete Wilson - bass
Rob Millett - percussion
Elisabeth Nygard - vocals