Format: CD
Artist: Andy Partridge
CatNo: APECD302
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Andy Partridge The Fuzzy Warbles Collection 4-6 XTC cd
Previously available as 8 full-priced discs with the 9th disc (Hinges) only released as part of a limited edition boxed set, the Fuzzy Warbles series is being reissued as an affordable collection of three triple CD sets.
Fuzzy Warbles is Andy Partridge's selection of demos through the ages, including songs that were later recorded by XTC, some that were intended for XTC, some what were written with other artists in mind, some that were just written and didn't quite fit anywhere else.
Irrespective of intent while writing, the three sets are full to the brim with hummable tunes, insightful lyrics & (for demos), neat arrangements from one of the finest songwriters of his (or any other) generation.
Volumes 4 to 6. Quality, at an irresistible price. 
CD 1 - Fuzzy Warbles Volume 4:
1. Tunes
2. Bumpercars
3. The Art Song (Something Good With Your Life)
4. I'm Playing My Fano
5. Zonked Right Out On Life
6. All I Dream Of Is A Friend
7. Peck The Ground Like A Chicken
8. That's Really Super Supergirl
9. Brainiacs's Daughter
10. Blue Beret
11. Gangway, Electric Guitar Is Coming Through
12. Mechanical Planet
13. Helicopter
14. The Ugly Underneath
15. OMGO
16. Where Is Your Heart?
17. Hey, It's Alan Burston!
18. Season Cycle
19. Countdown To Christmas Party Time
CD 2 - Fuzzy Warbles Volume 5:
1) Welcome to Volume 5
2) Young Cleopatra
3) Defy You Gravity
4) Ice Jet Kiss
5) Broomstick Rhythm
6) Earn Enough for Us
7) Dear God (Skiffle Version)
8) Crocodile
9) Motorcycle Landscape
10) Rook
11) Don't You Ever Dare Call Me Chickenhead
12) Mermaid Explanation
13) Mermaid Smiled
14) Aqua Deum
15) Me and the Wind
16) Smalltown
17) Blue Overall
18) Red Brick Dream
19) Jacob's Ladder
20) My Land Is Burning
CD 3 - Fuzzy Warbles Volume 6:
1. Last Laugh Track
2. The Stinking Rich Song
3. I Can't Tell What Truth Is Anymore
4. Candle Dance
5. The Tiny Circus Of Life
6. The Man Who Salied Around His Soul
7. In My Hand
8. Difficult Age
9. Pink Thing
10. Shaking Skin House
11. Bike Ride To The Moon
12. My Love Explodes
13. Omnibus
14. Across The Antheap (Skylarking Demo)
15. Across This Antheap (Oranges & Lemons Demo)
16. Human Alchemy
17. Moonlit Drive
18. Prince Of Orange
19. End Of The Pier