Format: CD
Artist: Andy Partridge
CatNo: APECD303
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Andy Partridge The Fuzzy Warbles Collection 7-9 XTC cd
Previously available as 8 full-priced discs with the 9th disc (Hinges) only released as part of a limited edition boxed set, the Fuzzy Warbles series is being reissued as an affordable collection of three triple CD sets.
Fuzzy Warbles is Andy Partridge's selection of demos through the ages, including songs that were later recorded by XTC, some that were intended for XTC, some what were written with other artists in mind, some that were just written and didn't quite fit anywhere else.
Volumes 7 and 8 plus Hinges. Quality, at an irresistible price. 
CD 1 - Fuzzy Warbles Volume 7:
1. 2 Rainbeau Melt
2. Thrill Pill
3. Sonic Boom
4. I'm Unbecome
5. Ballet For A Rainy Day
6. 1000 Umbrellas
7. Ejac In A Box (Mgoo)
8. C Side
9. Seagulls Screaming Kiss Her Kiss Her
10. Ladybird
11. Candymine
12. Visit To The Doctor
13. Cherry In Your Tree
14. Desert Island
15. Scarecrow People
16. Hold Me My Daddy
17. Books Are Burning
18. Bobba De Boop De Ba De Boobay
19. Open A Can Of Human Beans
CD 2 - Fuzzy Warbles Volume 8:
1. Through Electric gardens
2. Skate Dreams Wet Cat
3. The Bland Leading The Bland
4. Sliverstar
5. I Gave My Suitcase Away
6. Extrovert
7. Another Satellite
8. These Voices
9. Song For Wes Long
10. Happy Birthday Karen
11. REM Producer Enquiry
12. The Loving
13. Shalloween
14. Was A Yes
15. Genie In A Bottle
16. Disque Bleu
17. Poor Skeleton Steps Out
18. I Don't Want To Be Here (original demo)
19. Chalkhills & Children
CD 3 - Hinges:
1. Gold
2. Now We All Dead (It Doesn't Matter)
3. Rain Of Blows (early version)
4. Reign Of Blows
5. Jump
6. Shake You Donkey Up
7. Happy Families
8. Here Comes President Kill Again
9. Beating Of Hearts