Format: CD
Artist: Gazpacho
CatNo: KSCOPE373
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Gazpacho March Of Ghosts cd
March Of Ghosts from 2012 was the Gazpacho's follow-up to its Kscope debut, Missa Atropos.
2016 mid-price edition.
While Missa Atropos was a full-on concept album, the band consider March Of Ghosts to be a collection of short stories and have said that, "The idea was to have the lead character spend a night where all these ghosts (dead and alive) would march past him to tell their stories. They are a 'March Of Ghosts' telling tales that need to be told."
CD in a digipak with 4 page colour booklet.
1. Monument
2. Hell Freezes Over I 
3. Hell Freezes Over II
4. Black Lily
5. Gold Star
6. Hell Freezes Over III
7. Mary Celeste
8. What Did I Do?
9. Golem
10. The Dumb
11. Hell Freezes Over IV