Following the masterful In A Glass House and preceding the band's commercial apex Freehand, The Power And The Glory is a gem amongst gems, mixing Gentle Giant's restless energy and invention, with beautiful melodies and potent (complex) Rock riffage.
A 180g vinyl repress of the 2014 stereo mixes by Steven Wilson (plus instrumental mixes and a bonus track).
The additional track is 'hidden' on the second side and is not credited on the artwork.
Side 1
1. Proclamation 
2. So Sincere 
3. Aspirations 
4. Playing The Game 
Side 2
1. Cogs In Cogs 
2. No God's A Man 
3. The Face 
4. Valedictory
5. The Power And The Glory (Bonus Track)
- Gary Green / guitars 
- Kerry Minnear / keyboards, cello, vocals 
- Derek Shulman / vocals, saxes 
- Ray Shulman / bass, violin, vocals 
- John Weathers / drums, percussion, vocals