Format: CD
Artist: Gong
CatNo: 7714153
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Gong Shamal Deluxe Nick Mason 2CD
A 2019 edition of Gong’s Fusion-orientated wonder Shamal remastered from the original Virgin master tapes by Simon Heyworth.
Produced by Pink Floyd's Nick Mason.
Expanded with three previously unreleased edits and a concert recorded live at the London Marquee in September 1975
Double CD.
DISC ONE: Remastered from the original Virgin masters
1. Wingful of Eyes 
2. Chandra 
3. Bambooji 
4. Cat In Clark’s Shoes 
5. Mandrake 
6. Shamal 
7. Bambooji (Outakes edit) 
8. Chandra (Alt mix) 
9. Wingful of Eyes (Outakes edit)
DISC TWO - Live at The Marquee – 10th September 1975
1. Bambooji 
2. The Isle of Everywhere 
3. Wingful of Eyes 
4. Master Builder 
5. Drum Solo 
6. Flying Teapot 
7. I Never Glid Before