Format: CD
Artist: Jansen / Takahashi
CatNo: MPCD10
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pulse remix Takahashi Jansen cd

A collection of remixes based on tracks from Jansen and Takahashi's Pulse album, including contributions from 4 Hero, Spacer, DJ Spooky, Reflection, Fantastic Plastic Machine, and Steve Jansen himself.

1 The Choice (Reinforced Mix) 8:07
2 Life's Like That (Vocal Mix) 4:57
3 Memory Without Consequence (Interpolated Mix) 3:58
4 Wave (Unkut Modular Ekstasis Remix) 6:39
5 A River Dry (The Girl From The South) 5:06
6 Prayer Of Gold (Decomposer Mix) 9:51
7 The Choice (Electro Groove Mix) 6:24