Format: Vinyl
Artist: Katatonia
CatNo: VILELP822
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Katatonia Discouraged Ones Double vinyl Peaceville
Recorded in 1997 at Sunlight Studios by Fred Estby and Tomas Skogsberg (Entombed, Dismember) and released in 1998, Discouraged Ones was Katatonia's third album. 
Putting an end to the growling vocal style from previous releases and giving the band a broader appeal, the album saw a major change in direction with the epic compositions of old replaced with stripped down, compact pieces and a new approach to vocal harmonies courtesy of Jonas Renkse (who also played drums on the album). 
Seen as something of a breakthrough album for Katatonia, The Discouraged Ones planted the seeds of the band's future evolution with its combination of dark, gothic Rock/Metal and ethereal, trance-like intensity.
2019 pressing, presented as a double LP in a gatefold sleeve. Includes the bonus tracks Quiet World (from the Discouraged Ones recording session) and Scarlet Heavens, a rare track from 1994.
Side 1:
1. I Break 
2. Stalemate 
3. Deadhouse 
Side 2:
1. Relention 
2. Cold Ways 
3. Gone 
4. Last Resort 
Side 3:
1. Nerve 
2. Saw You Drown 
3. Instrumental 
4. Distrust 
Side 4:
1. Quiet World 
2. Scarlet Heavens