Format: CD
Artist: Katatonia
CatNo: CDVILED89_del
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cd katatonia peaceville last fair deal gone down
Originally released in 2001, Last Fair Deal Gone Down saw Katatonia ambitiously expanding their sound to create one of the most celebrated Metal albums of the year.
Containing 11 tracks of high-emotion and searing social commentary, including the singles Teargas and Tonight's Music, the album resonates with Katatonia?s unique brand of Gothic Metal.
Following on from Tonight's Decision, the album displays a new found maturity and accessibility only hinted at on their previous albums. 
The mournful vocals of Jonas are, as ever, ably backed by the inventive guitar work of Anders to create a potent and absorbing atmosphere.
Sweden's Katatonia have just made the ultimate late night metal chill out album - Kerrang!
LFDGD is all the more delicious if you stop & reflect on how wonderful it is that those of us who listen to some of the most difficult & obscure music should have access to one of the best bands currently working in any rock genre. - Terrorizer
Thank the lords of chaos for a band such as Katatonia, a crew who absorb all the usual influences and spit out something tasteful, mournful and yet full of energy & guts. - Metal Hammer
1. Dispossession
2. Chrome
3. We Must Bury You
4. Teargas
5. I Transpire
6. Tonight's Music
7. Clean Today
8. The Future Of Speech
9. Passing Bird
10. Sweet Nurse
11. Don't Tell A Soul
Bonus tracks:
12. Sulfur
13. March 4
14. Help Me Disappear