Format: vinyl
Artist: Kate Bush
CatNo: 0190295593803
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Kate Bush The Directors Cut Remaster double vinyl

2011's The Director's Cut saw Kate Bush re-record and reappraise material from The Red Shoes and The Sensual World.

Double vinyl edition remastered by Kate Bush and James Guthrie.

Side A
1 Flower Of The Mountain (Originally Titled The Sensual World) 5:14
2 Song Of Solomon 4:44
3 Lily 4:04
Side B
1 Deeper Understanding 6:33
2 The Red Shoes 4:58
3 This Woman's Work 6:29
Side C
1 Moments Of Pleasure 6:31
2 Never Be Mine 5:05
Side D
1 Top Of The City 4:23
2 And So Is Love 4:20
3 Rubberband Girl 4:36