Format: vinyl
Artist: Kate Bush
CatNo: 0190295593841
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Kate Bush The Sensual World Mick Karn Remaster vinyl

Kate Bush's sixth studio album from 1989, containing the glorious title track, the beautiful Deeper Understanding, and Heads We're Dancing (featuring the late Mick Karn).

Vinyl edition remastered by Kate Bush and James Guthrie.

Side A
1 The Sensual World 3:53
2 Love And Anger 4:42
3 The Fog 5:01
4 Reaching Out 3:11
5 Heads We're Dancing 5:15
Side B
1 Deeper Understanding 4:40
2 Between A Man And A Woman 3:29
3 Never Be Mine 3:42
4 Rocket's Tail (For Rocket) 4:03
5 This Woman's Work 3:31