Format: Book/Magazine
Artist: Kevan Furbank
CatNo: 9781789520828
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Kevan Furbank Gong On Track book
In Gong On Track, Kevan Furbank examines all the Gong albums from Magick Brother in 1970 to 2019s The Universe Also Collapses and chronicles the stories behind each of the recordings. 
Kevin examines the songwriting, arrangements and mythology that inspired each track and is offered insights from Mike Howlett and Tim Blake
The book also offers analysis on the many off-shoots of the Gong family tree (Mother Gong, Pierre Moerlen's Gong etc etc).
A perfect introduction to the enchanted world of a truly unique band.
Kevan Furbank is Managing Editor of the Irish Daily Mirror and has been a journalist on local and national newspapers for nearly 40 years. He has published books on local history and written stories, articles and columns on practically every subject under the sun. This is his second book for Sonicbond, his first being Fairport Convention, also in the On Track series. His music tastes encompass prog, rock, folk and jazz and in his spare time, he likes to pretend he can play guitar, bass and mandolin. He lives in Holywood, Northern Ireland and is married with two grown-up daughters, both of whom are better musicians than he is.