Format: CD
Artist: Kevin Hewick
CatNo: HAC016
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Kevin Hewick All Was Numbered CD
On the conceptual All Was NumberedKevin Hewick’s evocative “Leicester outsider looking in” songs recollect the Factory Records/Manchester scene of the 1980s when he was one of the acts signed to the legendary label.
Includes Kevin's tributes to late friends Tony Wilson (‘FAC 501’) and Larry Cassidy of Section 25 (‘Larry’ and the 10 minute epic ‘French Jazz Station’) and features Mark Haynes on drums, Chris Conway on electric piano and a who’s who choir of Leicester vocal legends.
The CD booklet has liner notes by Paul Morley and the album was released, appropriately, on Peter Hook's Hacienda Records.
CD in jewel case.
1. Now Is Then 6:35
2. Fac 501 5:21
3. Overshadow playing 4:57
4. Memory Stone 4:14
5. Out Of Order 7:39
6. Larry 4:13
7. French Jazz Station 10:43
8. Then Is Now 1:42