Format: Vinyl
Artist: King Crimson
CatNo: KCLP8
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Discipline King Crimson vinyl
Discipline is the ninth in a series of audiophile King Crimson vinyl reissues.
Super-heavyweight - 200g - cut from the masters used for the 30th anniversary series and approved by Robert Fripp, this vinyl version echoes the 30th anniversary edition CD and contains two takes of the majestic Matte Kudasai (featuring Adrian Belew’s lead guitar on track 3 side A and Robert Fripp's lead guitar as a bonus track at the end of side B - uncredited as per the CD).


1. Elephant Talk
2. Frame by Frame
3. Matte Kudasai
4. Indiscipline
1. Thela Hun Gingeet
2. The Sheltering Sky
3. Discipline
4. Matte Kudasai (alt. mix)