Format: CD
Artist: Kula Shaker
CatNo: SFKS020CD
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Kula Shaker 1st Congregational Church CD Crispian Mills

Kula Shaker's most inspired album in years, 1st Congregational Church Of Eternal Love and Free Hugs is an ambitious double-album containing 15 cross-genre songs awash with inventive sonics and a renewed sense of confidence.

Featuring the three part After The Fall and the moody, Pink Floyd-influenced The Once & Future King.


1. (Intro: ‘Dearly Beloved’)

2. Whatever It Is (I’m Against it)

3. Hometown

4. Burning Down

5. Love in Separation

6. (‘Let us Pray’)

7. Gingerbread Man

8. Farewell Beautiful Dreamer

9. Where have all the Brave Knights gone?

10. (‘Raining Buckets’)

11. 108 ways to leave your Narcissist

12. After the Fall (part1)

13. Don’t Forsake me

14. 303 Revisited

15. The Once & Future King

16. Shattered Bones

17. After the Fall (parts 2&3)

18. (Closing Words: ’Windows of our hearts’)

19. Bumblebee

20. (Church CODA: ‘Cinema Club’)