Format: CD
Artist: Low Bias
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Mark Beasley Low Bias The Ash And The Oak CD

Low Bias are Mark Beazley [Rothko/Rome Pays Off] and Graham Dowdall, aka Gagarin, who has worked with such musical luminaries as John Cale, Nico and Pere Ubu to name but a few. 'The Ash And The Oak' features Beazley's distinctive bass tone and Dowdall's free-flowing electronic beats and soundscapes to produce a set of deep listening and filmic instrumentals.

1. White Field
2. Caladenia
3. Burnt Tip
4. Cold Winter
5. La Mosca
6. Golden Thread
7. May River
8. Star Of Leyte
9. Ironbark
10. Red Moon

All tracks written, recorded and produced by Mark Beazley and Graham Dowdall.