Format: Vinyl
Artist: Lunatic Soul
CatNo: KSCOPE987
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Lunatic Soul Riverside Under A Fragmented Sky Mariusz Duda LP
2018 studio release Under The Fragmented Sky marks the 10th anniversary of Lunatic Soul.

Lunatic Soul is Mariusz Duda, the talented creator, singer and multi-instrumentalist behind Riverside. Under The Fragmented Sky is Duda's sixth studio album as Lunatic Soul and follows the acclaimed Fractured (both were recorded at the same time whilst Mariusz was facing tragic events in his personal life).

Under the Fragmented Sky rebuilds Lunatic Soul as we know it, with dark and haunting atmospheres coming to the forefront. Duda explains "Fractured was not a full picture of the latest Lunatic Soul recordings. These more classical pieces have been waiting for their own time which has now come.”
Recorded during the Fractured sessions and completed in early 2018, Under the Fragmented Sky is a supplement to Fractured as well being an artistically independent release with its own identity.
180g clear vinyl in gatefold. All orders through Burning Shed come with an exclusive digital download (mp3) of the entire album from the release date (25th May) which will be available on the account page.

"Duda’s clearly endured, making real art out of his adversity.” - Classic Rock
"It's often like the best film music... honours the Pink Floyd branches of the Porcupine Tree.” - Prog Magazine
1. He av en [4:05]
2. Trials [5:44]
3. Sorrow [1:30]
4. Under The Fragmented Sky [5:03]
1. Shadows [4:31]
2. Rinsing The Night [3:56]
3. The Art Of Repairing [7:54]
4. Untamed [3:24]