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Artist: Manny Grillo
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Between their formation in 1977 and retirement as a band in 2012, INXS went from pub band to world fame with a unique hybrid of rock, pop and funk. 
From their early demos to breakthrough album Shabooh Shoobah and The Swing via the global success of Kick to the creative rebirth of Welcome To Wherever You Are, all the way through to the post-Hutchence celebration Original Sin, every album track and B-side is covered here in glorious detail.
Ever since he wore out the first Now That’s What I Call Music album at the age of 4, Manny Grillo has had a deep love for music. It was Christmas 1988 when he received a copy of the ‘Need You Tonight’ single that his love for INXS began. That record kicked off a four-decade journey, which has seen him become a contributor to the wonderful INXS: Access All Areas podcast and has culminated in the release of his first book – a lifelong ambition.. The other loves of his life are his wife, Kim, and children Alicia, Luca, Jude and Heidi. He lives in Yorkshire, UK.