Format: CD
Artist: Michael Peters and Fabio Anile
CatNo: AB094
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Michael Peters and Fabio Anile Presence CD
Evocative Ambient soundscapes for piano, electric guitar, electronics, livelooping, and field recordings. 
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“It’s a beautiful thing to hear two musicians who can clearly play well choosing to play so minimally and tastefully.” - Peter Chilvers (Tim Bowness / Brian Eno / Karl Hyde)
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Michael Peters (Germany) played guitar in punk bands, ambient projects, avantgarde jazz/rock bands, and open improvisational groups. His guitar is usually extended by electronics, software, and livelooping techniques, sometimes using the classical "Frippertronics" method based on tape delay. His solo ambient/experimental guitar music usually relies on improvisation and often involves sound collages and field recordings. He has performed at festivals in Europe and the USA. 
Fabio Anile (Italy) is a classically trained pianist and composer. Over the years, he has developed his own unique approach to combining electronic tools and live playing. He defines his music as a "a work on the theme of time". In this regard, there is a continuum between his ambient and his polymetric minimalist pieces. Fabio has worked with many ensembles and artists. He has created audio-video installations and film soundtracks. As a soloist, he performed at many international festivals both in Europe and in the USA.
1 Secret Forest 1:03
2 Night Country 4:57
3 In The Distance 1:51
4 Frozen 6:42
5 Presence 4:47
6 Solennemente 5:14
7 Microcosmo 2:22
8 Hovering 4:28
9 A Dream 1:25
10 Impalpable 4:51
11 In My Quiet Place 5:27
12 Aurora 4:06
13 Last Train Home 2:28
Michael Peters - guitar
Fabio Anile - keyboards
Mastering by Erdem Helvacioglu
Cover image by Philippe Paulus Jacobus Smeyers