Format: Vinyl
Artist: Mike Oldfield
CatNo: V201350RSD
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Mike_Oldfield Hergest_Ridge_50th_Anniversary RSD_2024 Vinyl

Mike Oldfield's Hergest Ridge (1974) was the beautiful and introspective successor to the monumental Tubular Bells.

The demo of the album was first released on CD in 2010, but makes its debut on vinyl on this limited RSD 2024 LP edition.

Mastered by Miles Showell at Abbey Road, with new artwork overseen by Mike Oldfield (including photographs taken on the Ridge in 2023), this version offers a chance to revaluate Oldfield's breathtaking English pastoral music.

Two sublime suites performed and played by a 21-year old musician running from fame.


Side 1
1. Hergest Ridge Demo (Part 1) (20:23)
Side 2
1. Hergest Ridge Demo (Part 2) (18:10)