Format: Vinyl
Artist: Morta Skuld
CatNo: VILELP584
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vinyl Morta Skuld As Humanity Fades
A 2016 Peaceville label reissue of Morta Skuld's second album of brutal Death/Doom (from 1994).
Morta Skuld formed in Milwaukee in 1990, going on to release three albums on Peaceville Records (initially via legendary sub-label Deaf Records) in the early-mid 1990's, with the band's debut Dying Remains seeing its release in 1993.  
Released in 1994, As Humanity Fades was Morta Skuld's follow-up  to its widely hailed debut. Featuring a further evolution of the band's brand of death/doom metal, it comprised the same line-up headed by band mastermind and guitarist/vocalist, David Gregor
140g vinyl edition featuring the original artwork.
1 Unknown Emotions 
2 A Century Of Ruins 
3 Humanity`s Lost
4 Awakening Destiny
5 Paradise Of The Masses
6 No World Escapes
1 Different Breeds
2 Sanctuary Denied 
3 Relics
4 The Sorrow Fields
5 Through Obscurity