Format: Vinyl
Artist: Neil Young
CatNo: 0093624889595
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Neil Young After The Gold Rush 50th Anniversary Vinyl_7inch
After The Gold Rush celebrates 50 years since its release with this special 2020 LP edition.
Featuring timeless classic Neil Young songs such as Southern Man and Only Love Can Break Your Heart, this anniversary edition also includes an additional 7 inch single featuring Wonderin’, originally written around the time of After The Gold Rush, which only previously appears on the Archives boxset plus a previously unreleased outtake from the recording sessions for that track.
Vinyl/7" in numbered foil stamped box.

Side A

01 Tell Me Why

02 After The Gold Rush 

03 Only Love Can Break Your Heart

04 Southern Man

05 Till The Morning Comes


Side B

01 Oh Lonesome Me

02 Don’t Let It Bring You Down

03 Birds

04 When You Dance, I Can Really Love

05 I Believe In You

06 Cripple Creek Ferry


7” Single

Side A

01 Wonderin’


Side B

02 Wonderin’ (Outtakes)