Format: CD
Artist: Neil Young
CatNo: 0093624898672
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Neil Young Homegrown CD
Neil Young has called this album, “The unheard bridge between Harvest and Comes a Time”, which perfectly describes the warm, semi-acoustic feel of these twelve songs. 
Originally intended to be issued in 1975, the album has remained unreleased since then, and has earned a legendary status among Neil’s many fans.
Seven of the songs are previously unreleased, while different versions of the other five songs would appear on later Neil Young albums. 
Neil plays guitar, piano and harmonica on the album, and is accompanied by a stellar group of musicians including Levon Helm, Ben Keith, Karl T Himmel, Tim Drummond, Emmylou Harris and Robbie Robertson. 
CD edition.
1. Separate Ways  3:33
2. Try  2:49
3. Mexico  1:40
4. Love Is A Rose  2:16
5. Homegrown  2:47
6. Florida  2:58
7. Kansas  2:13
8. We Don’t Smoke It  4:50
9. White Line  3:14
10. Vacancy  3:59
11. Little Wing  2:08
12. Star Of Bethlehem  2:45