Format: CD
Artist: Neil Campbell
CatNo: NCCD006
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Neil Campbell Ghost Stories CD
Neil Campbell's 'Ghost Stories' is an entrancing suite of music featuring Campbell's sensitive neo-Classical guitar, Anne Traft's soaring operatic voice and Michael Beiert's delicate synth textures.
A transcendent and emotional piece that since its 2008 creation has continued to be performed in a series of concerts presented with projected film and set in beautiful architectural spaces including churches and historical buildings. 
'Ghost Stories' draws inspiration from French impressionistic composers Debussy and Satie, ambient pioneers Harold Budd and Brian Eno, and the guitarists, Pat Metheny and Steve Hackett. 
'Echoes Steve Hackett's best solo acoustic work (with and post-Genesis), 20th century chamber music, and jazz guitarist Pat Metheny.' - Progression 
'A very beautiful set of songs reminiscent of the lighter side of Steve Hackett, Anthony Phillips and Karda Estra.' - Progressive Ears
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1. Ghost Stories Suite: i Introduction (1:15)
2. Ghost Stories Suite: ii Ghost Story 1 (3:23)
3 Ghost Stories Suite: iii. Sketch 1 (1:34)
4. Ghost Stories Suite: iv. Ghost Story 2 (2:51)
5. Ghost Stories Suite: v. Sketch 2 (2:33)
6. Ghost Stories Suite: vi. Ghost Story 3 (3:37)
7. Ghost Stories Suite: vii. Sketch 3 (2:54)
8. Ghost Stories Suite: viii. Sketch 4 (3:11)
9. Ghost Stories Suite: ix. Mr S Meets Jsb (4:43)
10. Ghost Stories Suite: x. Pss (3:25)
11. Ghost Tango (4:09)
12. Volk (3:32)
13. Sketch 5 (1:36)