Format: CD
Artist: O.R.k.
CatNo: hwcd011
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ORk Inflamed Rides cd O.R.k.
Drawing  on  the  singular talents of vocalist Lorenzo  Esposito  Fornasari (Berserk!,  Obake), guitarist Carmelo  Pipitone and a rhythm section comprising Pat  Mastelotto (King  Crimson) and Colin  Edwin (Porcupine  Tree), Inflamed Rides is an intriguing collaborative debut release which defies easy categorisation.
A primordial and energetic fusion of playful acoustic psychedelia, precise math rock and intense  ambient electronica, O.R.k provide a soundscape rich with controlled chaos.  
'A forward-thinking punch in the face of complacency!' - O.R.k.
1 Jellyfish
2 Breakdown
3 Pyre
4 Funfair
5 Bed of Stones
6 No Need
7 Vuoto
8 Dream of Black Dust
9 Funny Games
10 Black Dust
11 The Insignificant (Remix by Coldlight)

Lorenzo Esposito Fornasari (aka Lef) - vocals, keys Carmelo Pipitone - guitars Colin Edwin - bass Pat Mastelotto - drums