Format: Vinyl
Artist: Ozric Tentacles
CatNo: KSCOPE1077
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Ozric Tentacles Curious Corn Purple vinyl Remaster Ed Wynne
Curious Corn, the Ozrics’ studio release from 1997, fused Rock, Ambient, and World Music and with the band’s trademark groove. 
Includes fan favourites Oddentity and Spyroid.
180g purple vinyl edition with a 2020 Ed Wynne master.
1. Spyroid (03:47)
2. Oolite Grove (05:57)
3. Afroclonk (08:05)
4. Papyrus (05:32)
1. Curious Corn (10:56)
2. Oddentity (07:00)
3. Meander (05:13)