Format: vinyl
Artist: Ozric Tentacles
CatNo: SMALP1068 deleted
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Ozric Tentacles Pungent Effulgent vinyl
A 2017 Madfish double heavyweight vinyl reissue of the Ozric's first 'true' album from 1989.
Pungent Effulgent was the Ozric's first 'official' album after self-releasing material on cassettes and retains the band's explorative style. 
This edition features a bonus live performance of the 19 minute Ayervedism, originally taken from the Ozric's self-made cassettes sold at gigs and festivals. 
1. Disolution (The Clouds Disperse) [6:15]
2. O-1 [3:58]
3. Phalarn Dawn [7:35]
4. The Domes Of G'Bal [4:35]
1. Shaping The Pelm [6:09]
2. Ayurvedic [10:57]
1. Kick Muck [3:53]
2. Agog In The Ether [4:05]
3. Wreltch [8:31]
1. Ayurvedism [19:03]