Format: CD
Artist: Paradise Lost
CatNo: 0727361531706
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Paradise Lost Obsidian Limited CD
Marching through its fourth decade as a band, Paradise Lost has never sounded more potent or unified. Obsidian is a career peak, not just matching the imperious form of The Plague Within and Medusa, but artfully outstripping it with greater depth, colour and emotional power. 
Musical monoliths to slow-motion death and spiritual defeat. 
Limited edition CD in digipak featuring two bonus tracks.
1.Darker Thoughts (5:46)
2.Fall From Grace (5:42)
3.Ghosts (4:35)
4.The Devil Embraced (6:08)
5.Forsaken (4:30)
6.Serenity (4:46)
7.Ending Days (4:36)
8.Hope Dies Young (4:02)
9.Ravenghast (5:30)
10.Hear The Night (bonus track) (5:34)
11.Defiler (bonus track) (4:45)