Format: CD
Artist: Paul Draper
CatNo: KSCOPE762
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Paul Draper Attack Of The Grey Lantern-Live CD Mansun Kscope
To celebrate the 25th anniversary of Attack Of The Grey Lantern, Kscope presents Paul Draper’s 2018 performance of the album in full on CD digipack.
Back in 2017, the dedicated Mansun fanbase started a petition that called for frontman Paul Draper to release his debut solo album Spooky Action. An online poll was then launched, and fans cast thousands of votes to choose Attack of the Grey Lantern as the album for Draper to play in full on tour in February / March 2018. 
Paul Draper's 14-date Spring '18 tour followed Spooky Action entering at #19 in the UK album charts, a US tour with label mate Steven Wilson, and helped to celebrate one of the most favoured British albums from the late Britpop era. The album has also since been remastered and released in deluxe format by Kscope, re-entering the UK album charts at #28 in June 2018.
The success of Spooky Action led to Draper working on its follow up, 2022’s Cult Leader Tactics - a poignant album containing his finest songwriting since the bands’ imperial phase.
The Live at the Ritz album captures Draper's energetic stage presence, his fantastic band and classic Mansun tracks such as "Wide Open Space", "Taxloss" and "Disgusting", performed to a rapturous crowd in Manchester. The reaction to Paul Draper's latest output reveals how relevant Mansun's music is to a growing crowd of followers.
1. The Chad Who Loved Me (live at the Ritz)
2. Mansun`s Only Love Song (live at the Ritz)
3. Taxloss (live at the Ritz)
4. You, Who Do You Hate? (live at the Ritz)
5. Wide Open Space (live at the Ritz)
6. Stripper Vicar (live at the Ritz)
7. Disgusting (live at the Ritz)
8. She Makes My Nose Bleed (live at the Ritz)
9. Naked Twister (live at the Ritz)
10. Egg Shaped Fred (live at the Ritz)
11. Dark Mavis (live at the Ritz)
12. An Open Letter To The Lyrical Trainspotter (live at the Ritz)