Format: CD
Artist: Paul Draper
CatNo: KSCOPE636
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Paul Draper Cult Leader Tactics CD Mansun Kscope
Former Mansun frontman Paul Draper returns with a collection of his most focused and ambitious work. 
A self-help manual on how to become a complete cult in the music industry, Cult Leader Tactics is a brilliantly dark commentary on an industry he is all too aware of. 
Paul plays the majority of the instruments on the album (including lead vocals, guitar and various Moogs and synthesisers). 
Produced with long-time collaborator and acclaimed producer Paul ‘P-Dub’ Walton (Massive Attack, The Cure, Bjork) at Loft Studios, the album includes guest appearances from Steven Wilson and Gam (Sweat), as well as a 288-person C.L.T. Lockdown Choir. 
CD in digipack with 16-page booklet.
Cult Leader Tactics offers a satirical analysis of the self-help manual genre. A guide on how you can get to the top of your chosen profession, or ahead in life and in affairs of the heart, by acting in a Machiavellian manner, employing dirty tricks or ‘Cult Leader Tactics’ to achieve your life goals. After experiencing these types of human behaviours and themes, the album arrives at the conclusion that the only true answer in life is love. 
1. Cult Leader Tactics
2. Internationalle
3. Dirty Trix
4. Cult Leader Tactics In E-Flat Minor
5. You’ve Got No Life Skills, Baby!
6. U Killed My Fish
7. Everyone Becomes A Problem Eventually
8. Annie
9. Talkin Behind My Back
10. Omega Man (Feat. Steven Wilson)
11. Lyin Bout Who U Sleep With